Minerals are now recognized as new molecular biomarkers for chronic diseases. Measurements of their level in the blood, however, does not offer early significant medical clues most of the time. To the contrary, their tissue level is much more reliable and any disturbance in their tissue level provides an early sign of a significant health problem.

Minerals and trace elements tissue levels can be reliably measured by specialized spectrophotometer devices (Metabolic SCANNERS, for e.g. Oligoscan, ZS-scan, In-Cell Scan and others). However, the interpretation of their significance in terms of tissue level of each one of them alone and or in correlation with other minerals’ levels is extremely difficult to analyze. OligoLab the smart software was created for this purpose.

Metabolic scanners are manufactured under different names


OligoLab is a metabolic search engine software -applied to any tissue spectrophotometer scanners e.g. oligoscan- that concisely bridge the core facts you need to know on nutrition and metabolism with relevant clinical scenarios.  


OLIGOLAB analyzes the information supplied by the spectrophotometer and this analysis is based on thousands of medical papers and research studies (all reports can be requested and printed online upon request from a well-known approved reference or citation as a standard validation and information verification of OligoLab sources). The analysis is quick and the result appears in the form of recommendations.


OligoLab is a valuable, faster and cheaper application-for both Windows, Linux and Mac users- used by health practitioners in all specialties to check health condition and environmental tissue storage risk exposure through printed clinical and supplement recommendation reports (TARGETED INTERPRETATION AND SUPPLEMENTATION).